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Give Your Vacation a Green Makeover

Our Story

Eco-friendly holiday experience

Our love for nature and the global importance of environmental protection led us to this life-changing adventure that will make our guests feel truly connected with nature’s beauty. Blending our cosy
camping villas with the vibrant, untouched nature of Dalmatia, we offer an eco-friendly holiday experience for your whole family.

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Family-owned & sustainable

Olivia Green Camping Resort is a family-owned business managed by the highest standard of ethical conduct. Focusing on continual investments rather than maximum revenue, we are determined to combine high-sustainability technologies by using clean energy from solar panels, highly advanced water purification systems and selective waste recycling. Along with locally sourced foods, these are the cornerstones of our vision and values.


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Enjoy the authentic Dalmatian cuisine – the regional gastronomic tradition is based greatly on fish, vegetables, olive oil, with Venetian influences dating from the middle ages.

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The Eco-Luxe Concept

Our eco-luxe Camp and Resort Olivia is equally natural and luxurious.
Bio green certified camping villas and natural materials and fabrics provide a pure and elegant accommodation. Solar power, energy saving systems and advanced, sustainable water purification systems add up to a clean & smart energy management that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Our sustainability-focused initiatives

Eco-friendly accommodation ...

Bio green certified mobile villas
Natural materials and fabrics

Clean & smart energy ...

Solar power
Energy saving systems
Most advanced, sustainable water purification system

Minimum environmental impact

Recycling services
Composting organic waste
Minimum use of single-use plastics
Eco friendly cleaning supplies

Supporting local communities

Locally sourced food
Providing employment to locals
Promoting local cultural heritage
Promoting local nature conservation initiatives

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