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Enjoy the sun

Our beach is in a prime location that enjoys sun all day long, particularly in the afternoon hours.  One part of the beach is paved with stone and the other part is gravel beach so you can choose which one of these is your ideal spot for (responsible) tanning.

Avid beach-goers will be pleased to know that the seabed here is sandy, perfect for ball games in the water. Locals can teach you how to play Picigin, a Dalmatian all-time favorite beach ball game that is played in shallow water.

Dog-friendly beach

We are a pet-friendly venue and believe your dog is an equal member of the family. As such, he/she deserves to enjoy the holiday with you. We have set aside a section of the beach where your dog(s) can enjoy their holiday unbothered.

Please note that you must accompany your dog at all times as there will be other dogs on the beach — make sure that they all get along.

Your pet can enjoy a refreshing wash down to remove saltwater in the shower available on the beach.

For the safety of children who are unaware of the rules of conduct with dogs, dogs must be kept on a leash and are not to be led to the children’s playground. Please refer to the house rules for more information regarding pets.

Tisno beach

The family-friendly Tisno beach is covered in pebble stones and provides a sports playground for children.

Slanica beach

On Murter, Slanica is definitely worth visiting. Turquoise water and a sandy beach surrounded by pines are the ingredients for an easy-going and fun stay on the beach for the whole family. A water slide and a playground will amuse your kids while you can relax and refresh in one of the beach bars.

Lovišća beach

Lovišća, Jezera is also located on Murter. It has plenty of shade with a concrete ground and a gravel beach. A children’s playground and a sports ground offer fun and recreation for the younger ones.


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