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Camping Pitches

Camping Zone A

Camping Zone B

Home to rich organic land, our campground is perfect for growing olive trees. We have been proudly nurturing our trees for a hundred years and they provide the perfect shade for each camping pitch. The broad and dense treetops provide protection against the sun while allowing a pleasant flow of air — nature’s air conditioning at its finest. Locals say that the best afternoon siesta is under an olive tree. Find out why!

In October, diligent hands harvest the olives, which are then transported to the local mill for cold pressing to produce extra virgin oil. Please embrace and respect your surrounding environment and allow the olives to grow in your vicinity. We welcome guests staying with us during the harvest season to join us in picking olives and to take home a bottle of your very own extra virgin olive oil.

For those who enjoy preparing food in a traditional way, we offer a splendid designated grill area. For safety reasons this is the only site in the camp where barbequing is permitted.

All of our pitches are powered by electricity and include connection to fresh water, wastewater drainage, free Wi-Fi and SAT TV.

A cascading layout guarantees most pitches enjoy an amazing sea view!

Along with camping pitches, we also offer tent pitches that are located in the central campground area.

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