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Olivia Green Camping

Being truly eco-friendly means taking a holistic approach. To help support more sustainable solutions in tourism, Olivia Green Camping has undergone some extensive changes in the past years.

Our Strategy

We are taking a new eco-friendly development strategy that is based on sustainability and ecology. Some of the changes and improvements include:

Solar panels

A new photovoltaic power plant was installed to improve the energy efficiency of our camp providing us with enough capacity to sustain 25% of our energy needs.

Water purification

With proper treatment, wastewater can be put to good use. We have implemented a very advanced water purification system for all types of wastewater across our camp. The treated water is then used for sustaining the horticulture including our Mediterranean garden, and for use in our fire hydrant network as well as the irrigation system that services our entire camp.

Camping villas

All of our camping villas have been constructed following the highest eco- standards and have been granted the Bio Green and Bio Green+ eco certificates.


In a direct effort to help support the local community and the well-being of local people, we use regionally sourced foods and fresh produce in our restaurants.


All camping pitches have access to essential commodities – electricity, water and free high-speed WiFi. In furthering our strong stance on sustainability, all of our pitches also have access to greywater drains.

With these changes and upcoming improvements, we hope to deliver positive social and environmental outcomes to the local region and our visitors alike.