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Wine & Dine

Discover new gastronomy delight

A newly opened by the seashore, Olivia restaurant is a semi-open-air venue for true gastronomy delight. Enjoy fine dining on the shaded terrace by the sea or in a romantic sea view pavilion above the restaurant.

The restaurant’s philosophy is to create authentic Mediterranean masterpieces on a plate made of fresh, high-quality ingredients from exclusive local produce. Our highly qualified chef and his talented team bring a sensation of flavors to every bite from the simple but valuable ingredients offered by Croatian soil and sea. 

Influenced by Old Venetian and Mediterranean customs, Dalmatian cuisine is based traditionally on fish, vegetables, herbs, and the most refined olive oil.

Virgin olive oil, famously named the liquid gold, is the essence of the dishes served in Olivia’s restaurant. 

Made from the fruits in the resort’s olive garden, this exquisite domestic oil can be a base, addition, or the final touch to any culinary indulgence – seafood, fish, meat, salads, dressings, soups, and almost every traditional Dalmatian dish. 

Have breakfast in bed or brunch by the pool freshly made from our kitchen, or savor the authenticity of the flavors while having a delicious dinner feast by the sea overlooking peaceful waves.

Taste the true Mediterranean in our chef’s signature dish – shrimp risotto with lavender from our garden. Let the Adriatic charm you while enjoying anglerfish brudet with prawns and vongole clams. As a genuine gourmet, you cannot miss out on our paccheri pasta with beef cheeks and famous Croatian truffles. One of the gastronomy musts is a favored Croatian grill. All kinds of tasteful grilled dishes from the authentic Dalmatian grill, as Croatian people would say always with a smile on their face – na gradele.

And this is just a glimpse of the deliciousness waiting to be prepared for you.

There are vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, and other variants of our specialties available to your choice.

Enjoy a unique gastronomy journey for all of your senses. Bon appetit! 

There is a pearl of old Dalmatian gourmet wisdom, saying that a fish in its existence should swim three times – in the sea, in the olive oil, and the wine. 

Given that traditions should not be broken, whatever you choose as your favorite dish, do not forget about the wine.

Dalmatia is, almost as the entire Croatia, well-known for its excellence in winemaking. Under a warm climate and on a giving soil, romantic vineyards filled with indigenous and prominent international grape sorts complete all required components for producing fine wine of impeccable quality with numerous global rewards. 

Taste the richness in every sip, and celebrate the hedonism of the Dalmatian style of life.

Restaurant reservations: +385 99 227 6672

Contact for groups and events:  +385 99 800 4984

Contact for reservations:

Working hours: 8:00h – 23:00h

We’ve proudly partnered with local food harvesters and winemakers to bring you a delectable culinary experience.