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Wine & Dine

Restaurant Olivia

Our onsite restaurant Olivia offers authentic and fresh dishes prepared for you by our highly qualified chef. The restaurant’s philosophy is to offer dishes made of fresh, high-quality ingredients — with an emphasis on superior local produce.

Enjoy the authentic Dalmatian cuisine which skillfully whisks up all kinds of culinary treats from the most basic ingredients. The regional gastronomic tradition is based greatly on fish, vegetables, olive oil, with Venetian influences dating from the middle ages.

Olive oil is an essential staple in our dishes and can be enjoyed simply on bread, or mixed with lemon juice and used as a salad dressing for better absorption of vitamins soluble in vegetable fats. It can also be used with parsley, garlic as a dressing for fish dishes. The basic characteristic of the local cuisine is the use of olive oil and a simple way of preparing the food (grilled, cooked, and baked under the bell). Even the herbs and spices used are a down-to-earth, straightforward set: parsley, garlic, onions and laurel.

From these simple ingredients, the Dalmatian cuisine conjures all kinds of culinary indulgence, the most famous ones being grilled fish, octopus baked under the bell (“peka”), pašticada (marinated beef) and of course, pršut (air-dried ham) and sheep milk cheese.

Swordfish or tuna prosciutto on a bed of wild mixed herbs (“mišancija”), crab ravioli in sparkling wine mousse and smoked duck breast with truffles are only a few of the delicious dishes we prepare, with the sea only a few steps away from your table.

Be creative and discover what best suits your palate.

When it comes to our fish menu, our old gourmands were known to say that fish swims thrice—in the sea, in oil and in wine. We respect this tradition so no matter what your favourite dish will be, don’t skip the wine!

The region is famous for its high-quality red wines Plavina, Lasina and Babić, coming from the vineyards in the Šibenik / Primošten region. An image of the Primošten vineyards is located in the permanent exhibition of the United Nations headquarters in New York as a reminder of the painstaking multi-century work and the constant struggle with the Dalmatian stone. For white wine lovers there are Debit and Maraština, pressed from autochthonous varieties.

Pool bar

Our pool bar is the most relaxing part of the camp during the day. With a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, you can simply lie back on a lounger by the water and soak up the sun.

Don’t be quick to rush back to your camping pitch or villa when the sun starts to set. One of the most magical moments of the day is the evening view and sunset—take it all in with a drink on the upper terrace of our lounge bar located at the top of our beach restaurant Olivia.

We’ve proudly partnered with local food harvesters and winemakers to bring you a delectable culinary experience.